A message from the Director

Image of Sue Garvey, Cornerstone's Director
Sue Garvey, Director of Cornerstone
Welcome to Cornerstone, a community organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women. It is my hope that our website will inspire you to get involved in our vision. We want every woman in Ottawa to have a safe, affordable place to call home so she can reach her full potential in a caring community. It's that simple and that ambitious.

Our web site will introduce you to the people and programs that define our four residential communities: the Women's Shelter, 515 MacLaren, McPhail Houseand 314 Booth Street. Together, these four residences make up a vibrant community for women moving from homelessness to hope, healing and housing.

In 2015, 915 women became homeless in Ottawa. Cornerstone was able to help 507 of them. We have plans to keep developing new opportunities for women to take hold of their futures in the knowledge that they are surrounded by people who believe in them.

Please read about the many ways you can be part of the solutions that will make Ottawa a better, safer place for women in transition.

Mission Statement

Cornerstone provides emergency shelter and supportive housing for a diversity of women.

Our services are offered in an environment which promotes dignity and a sense of hope.

We are committed to public education and advocacy, and strive to increase safe, affordable housing and to end homelessness.

Get informed! Get inspired! Get involved!

Choose Hope With Us

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