Important facts about women and homelessness in Ottawa

Homelessness is a serious problem in the Ottawa area. In 2015, 6,825individuals stayed in a shelter at some point.

The basic breakdown is as follows:
  • 782 families
    • 1,479 dependent children
  • 915 women
  • 2,972 single men
  • 387 youth
  • The main reported contributors to homelessness are:
    • Mental health challenges and hospital stays.
    • Partner violence and relationship breakdown.
    • Addictions due to chronic trauma and abuse.
    • Immigration/newcomer challenges.
  • 507 women stayed at Cornerstone in 2013
  • Cornerstone's Women's Shelter provides short-term accommodation for up to 61 women per day
  • 10-15 women are turned away daily due to lack of space
  • Average shelter stay is 73 days
  • 140,160 meals are served each year between Cornerstone's four houses
  • In 23 women received permanent housing at 515 MacLaren and 10 women lived at McPhail House
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