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Lunch volunteer
The Cornerstone Volunteer Program is made up of an incredible group of dedicated and caring people who freely give of their time to enrich the lives of those in their community. At Cornerstone, we strive to involve volunteers as partners. Our volunteers, staff, and the residents complement each other, learn from each other, exchange, create and help each other. It is through this spirit of collaboration and support that each individual's unique gifts and talents are shared and developed, thus enriching everyone's lives. Volunteers provide a critical link to the community served by Cornerstone. They bring a fresh perspective to the organization and add to our human resources pool of knowledge and skills.

To find out how you may volunteer at Cornerstone, please contact:

Arwen McKechnie
Cornerstone Housing for Women
314 Booth St., Ottawa, ON K1R 7K2
613-254-6584 ext. 504

Please complete the application, or print it and mail to our volunteer co-ordinator.

Cornerstone Volunteer Application

Volunteer application form

Volunteering Possibilities at Cornerstone

Food and meal assistance
  • Food and kitchen preparation
  • Sorting of food donations
  • Menu research and grocery shopping assistance

Organizer of Social Activities
  • Games, movies and crafts nights
  • Exercise programming
  • Off site activities

Aesthetics and home economics
  • Hair cutting and foot care
  • Sorting clothing donations
  • Seamstress

Administrative duties
  • Typing , bulk mailing, newsletters
  • Fundraising projects and donations solicitation

We welcome new ideas and projects to accommodate your special skill sets!

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