At Cornerstone, women experience what ‘home’ truly means – often, for the first time in their lives.

We provide emergency shelter and safe affordable permanent housing for women in Ottawa. Whether she is a senior who can no longer afford to live alone, a young woman fleeing abuse at home, or a new immigrant getting on her feet in a new country, every woman is welcome at Cornerstone.

We help them build a meaningful life that fits their individual needs. For some women, that means assistance going to school, finding work, or volunteering, once their basic needs are met. For others, it’s providing the support to live as independently as possible at one of our residences.

We strive to increase safe housing and to end homelessness. Our four residences cater to women at every stage of their journey, whether they need emergency shelter overnight or long-term housing on a limited income.

We are committed to public education and advocacy. We refuse to allow women who are homeless to be invisible. Today, there is a chance for these valuable citizens of our city to live in an environment that supports their basic human right to a good home.

We serve almost two hundred woman every day. We have more than 65 full and part-time staff and almost 300 extraordinary volunteers who provide on-site support and refer women to local resources. Every year, we provide more than 140,000 nourishing meals. At Cornerstone, we believe that all women deserve the chance to heal in peace, and to live with dignity. With you, we’re making Ottawa a better, safer place for women in transition.

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