COVID-19 update (May 7/20)

March 20 Covid-19 update: Due to the current health crisis, we are pausing donations to all locations to ensure the health of the community, staff and residents.

However, cash donations are deeply appreciated at this time. With your kind help today, we can provide urgent supplies, and help bridge the gap for women experiencing food shortages in this uncertain time.

Please give your powerful gift to help  women today living in shelter and supportive housing.  Please give here

Providing for up to 200 women every day is no small feat. It takes an immense amount of time and energy from our staff and volunteers, along with resources from our selfless donors.

Below, you’ll find our most recent list of priority needs that enable us to make Ottawa a better place for women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. We update it regularly, so feel free to check in and see what we need most urgently!


Current Wishlist

View/download here


Urgent Needs

These are items we very much need in order for Cornerstone residents to live in comfort, dignity, and safety.


Frequent Needs

These are items we use very often at each of our residences. They might seem small, but they do so much to foster independence, promote healing, and bring joy to Cornerstone tenants. 



Starter Kit Program

You can help a woman transitioning out of the shelter and moving into her own apartment by contributing to a Starter Kit. Each kit contains the basics that a woman needs when setting up a new home. These kits transform four walls and a roof into a cozy and peaceful home. It’s especially important that all items in a Starter Kit be unused – for women who have endured so much, new houseware means a great deal.

 A Starter Kit usually includes:


Food Donations

Donations of food help us to stretch our budget and provide more women with the support they need. We accept the following items:

Besoins prioritaires | Notre liste des besoins